Keith Kifer is a 50+ year old teenager from Ocean Beach California, who found out latter than some what he wanted do with his life. 

In the mid 1990's (and against everyones advice) Kifer dedicated himself to learning how to play the blues. Since then this prolific songwriter has recorded 7 cd's of original music. Now known nationwide as The Blues Wizard , Keith and his songwriting partner Rosie Mac have been featured on national TV shows such as America's Got Talent and others.

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Snapshot Episode - The Luthiers, Aired on KPBS

Keith is featured on this wonderful series from Tim Mantoani that aired on KPBS. See the full episode on

The Legend of the Blues Wizard

Some say he is Gandhi, Thomas Edison and Blues King Robert Johnson all rolled into one. Others say he is simply a mad monk who lives in a fantasy world and suffers from Illusions Of Grandeur. Filmmaker Dave Wagner spent two years following Kifer, his singer Rosie Mac and drummer Bucky on their quest to go from playing the streets. Read more.